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We here at Antioch are a group of great sinners who have been saved by a greater grace. More specifically, the greater grace that we speak of is the person and work of Jesus Christ. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ form the foundation and shape the vision of our ministry.

In an age and culture that shuns commitment and celebrates individuality, it is tempting for the church to emphasize the virtues of responsibility, duty, and commitment. Although these virtues are crucial, our vision is to return repeatedly, not to what we need to do for God, but to what God has done for us through Christ. Only as we realize His gracious work in every facet of our lives can we respond with the appropriate motivation to serve the Lord. To the extent that we lose sight of what He has done, we will attend church reluctantly, serve grudgingly, and give sparingly. Our passion is to understand how God has shown His grace to us—how He has chosen us by His grace, how He continues to work in us by His grace, and how He will finish His work in us by His grace.


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