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New School to Bullying

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May 2013
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“You have to look at this!” “That’s hilarious, let me send it to my friend”

Did you guys ever watch Social Network? According to the movie, the origins of Facebook started with a disgruntled college genius who decided to create a website that attracted a ridiculous amount of internet traffic and led to one of the most influential websites in the past decade. Take a step back for a moment, and think about what happened during the initial process. The first website that he created consisted of comparing two college girls and choosing who is hotter or not. In the movie you see the reactions of people who are having fun with it, but also people who are disgusted and insulted by the site. What would happen today if someone created a site like that? The Facebook creator would probably have been charged with bullying. If the HIB laws were effect then, who knows what would have happened. Maybe nothing, maybe they would have seen the potential and just gave him a slap on the wrist, but the point is that it was a different time period. That might have been the start to cyber bullying.

Students today are experiencing emotions and persecution from different directions and at the end of the day all the ridicule or abuse they receive can come from people they have never even met. What type of chain reaction can this cause? According to my calculations, maybe….

Old school bullying
Bullying occurs in person, usually physical or verbal -> victim hurt physically and emotionally
Reactions: Keep to themselves and become stronger from it, feel hurt, helpless and alone leading to repressed anger and wanting to get back at that person, time could heal these wounds, it’s only that one bully where avoidance is a possibility

Don’t you want to face your fears? Did your parents ever tell you to just man up or face your enemies and handle the situation? It was possible with old school bullying.

New school bullying
Bullying occurs on the internet, rarely physical -> victim is then faced with emotional pain from all directions from and exponential amount of individuals because the bullying is public
Effects: People feed into this bullying and the original bully molds into this giant bully monster that consists of an entire student population
Reactions: Victim feels more alone than ever before, there’s no one to face, you can type back all you want and react, but it only feeds into the frenzy, you can’t avoid it because it’s everywhere and everyone knows about it

There are new bullies in the world today and they don’t even know that they are doing anything wrong. There is no typical description for a bully anymore; he’s not the big nasty boy with mommy and daddy issues anymore. The kids that would never speak up can now express their feelings because they don’t have to face the consequences of a locker room beat down.

The comments are forever, the feelings create emotional scars that can last forever. We can’t just go around and punish kids for their actions. Students don’t see that they are doing anything wrong! There’s a moral issue and honestly it starts at home and with the people they hang out with. The definition of what is right and wrong is very blurry now and Google probably doesn’t have the “right” answer. The bullying needs to stop, but where do look to get to the bottom of things? How do we wake kids up and have them realize that what they are doing is wrong?

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