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April 2013
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Did you ever get an email where you wanted to reach through the screen and slap the person on the other side? There are multiple forms of these emails, but here are some that have come across my inbox lately:

The all nighter:
You give an assignment that is explained in detail in class and your class website provides all the necessary resources to complete the assignment. There are a couple days until it’s due, so students have plenty of time to prepare and complete the assignment. It’s 11pm the night before it’s due (I know that’s early for some, but not teachers) and you hear a notification. It’s an email asking a question you’ve already answered from a student who obviously was waiting until the last minute to complete the assignment.

This is the email that’s filled with acronyms and it seems as though an elementary school student may have hacked into an account. It’s filled with emoticons or lols and it lacks any real substance. I read the email a hundred times and I’m convinced that it’s some modern form of cuneiform.

Oh no YOU didn’t:
This email comes from either a student or staff member who likes to put CAPS on parts of the email to emphasis their anger or frustration. The worst part about it is that the person sending the email is in the wrong. You sit there flabbergasted and you want to just scream, but you have to be professional and you send a kind, simple reply.

Please remember:
This is the type of email that is usually sent after a bulk of emails that usually have a subject line that reads “Just a simple reminder.” After 100 emails, don’t you think we figured it out or that we have a clue. I know that there are some teachers who don’t check their emails often and some that really do need that reminder, but really? Really? Really?

There are so many more emails, feel free to share. Happy Hump Day.

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