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April 2013
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Store away the winter clothes, put aside the thick jackets, or just rip them up and cut them shorter b/c that’s what it seems like. The coming of spring leads to the lack of appropriate dress. I’m not a stickler for dress code, but sometimes I walk the halls and am shocked by what kids wear today. Even some substitute teachers who are in college come back and are surprised. So what does a teacher do?

There is a specific dress code written down, but students who violate this dress code walk by teachers and administration all the time and nothing is done or said. If a male teacher reports a female student he could be accused of harassment or asked “why are you looking?” Teachers also often fear a lack of support from the administration and sometimes it’s so much of a headache to deal it, teachers let it slide.

Teachers will probably then ask the question, “how do parents let their kids leave the house like this?” Students will then say that it’s the new fashion or there aren’t clothes that are “appropriate” anymore. It’s pretty much true, b/c stores today are not concerned about reading information about school dress codes, it’s all about the money. Sex sells and skimpy apparel is what is in.

So do teachers say something? Do we say something knowing that nothing will be done or you may even draw more attention to yourself as a teacher? Are parents to blame? Is it just going to get worse? Who knows..

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