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Responding to Emails

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April 2013
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So you’re lying down on the beach, bumming on the couch, or out watching a movie/show…and you feel your leg vibrate or hear a sound that you didn’t expect. You just got an email from one of your students. It’s spring break or it’s the weekend, do you respond? It’s not just one or two, but a handful of emails asking about an assignment that was assigned over a month ago, but it’s the day before the assignment is due. Students and parents usually expect some sort of response and tap their feet wondering when that response is coming. I sat and wondered, “Should I bother?” I also received text messages from some of my ball players. Now before you ask me why my students had my phone number, please note that it was only because it was for a phone chain for the sports team that I coach. With that in mind, I responded to these texts with, “My phone number was given for basketball related issues, and this text was not basketball related.” What then followed was an email from my players. They just don’t give up!

I responded to every single email and helped my students on the last day of spring break where I was sitting in a box suite watching a basketball game. It was pretty annoying and my students heard my frustration the next day. The students didn’t get it at first, but I explained that I am a human being, lol. I am not a robot that sits around, waiting to respond to emails, and that that’s the only purpose in my life. Unfortunately, students have this sense of entitlement where they believe everything must be done for them at that very moment. They want things done their way, when they want, how they want. It makes no sense to me, but I guess they’re just not used to the idea of “no.” Hopefully I can get through their skulls in the next 2 months some more and help them see that the world doesn’t work that way.

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