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Everyone Hates Teachers

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January 2013
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So the district I work in has finally agreed to a contract with the Board, but now teachers are reviewing the contracts and have to figure out if this is what they want. We vote on Friday and just taking a quick glance and listening to people, it’s annoying yet amusing. One of my friends tried breaking down the numbers and pretty much figured out that we get a $0.51 an hour increase. At every level, bottom through the top people are going nuts, but then again what did you expect?

Everyday I just realize more and more that people really dislike teachers. They think that being a teacher is the easiest job in the world. The typical 9-5 or finance person talks about the stresses of work, deadlines, and bosses that are overbearing or just so demanding. A fat bonus comes along and these complaints die down for a bit, but once the sobering begins, they go right back at the fact that we don’t need the bonuses, because we get summers and winters off. Blah blah blah, yeah we don’t need raises or need to be appreciated.

I didn’t get into this profession for someone to pat me on the back or give me a fat paycheck. I already knew that these contracts wouldn’t do much for me, and I already know that I have to do more to make ends meet throughout the entire year. Don’t expect to be appreciated in any way other thank, “thanks for doing what you do” but expect the follow up discussion about not complaining ever, never getting a pay raise, or being able to teach the way you want. At the end of the day, I’ve learned that I should just keep to myself, keep my mouth shut, and not to stick out in school. It’s a depressing day, but whatever, time to carry on in front of my students like there are rainbows and unicorns dancing outside.

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