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Second Half Adjustments

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January 2013
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As my students continue to study for their midterms, I’m reflecting on the past 2 marking periods and am trying to figure out the best way to get through to my students. Midterms will tell me how much information they’ve retained, how much they’ve studied, and in reality how effective I’ve been as a teacher.

Our school has been pushing training this year on how to be more effective in the classroom and in all honesty, the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Maybe it should be something that people who are looking into becoming a teacher should watch or study, because the majority of it is just … ridiculous. Say hello to students, ask about things they do outside of school, blah blah blah, wait so you’re telling me to just be a teacher and a good person? I need training on this?

I want to see how my students perform and how much information they retained without studying, how much basic knowledge that I’ve taught them they can just talk about. It’s especially tough with World History, and I know I can always do better, so I have to really challenge myself and see what I can do the second half of the year to really push my students and be more “effective.”

I usually change my desk set up, but that’s nothing new, might even be a distraction because kids are set in their ways at this point in the year. I think I’ll rely less on my PowerPoint slides and more on discussion. I will probably move slower than usual and work on solidifying the understanding of certain concepts instead of just assuming they will pick things up. I have to improve my pace and probably have more patience in class as well. I’m really good at giving off the impression that I’m mean and don’t want to help, but this doesn’t help the shy introverted student. Most of my students know me and know that I’m joking around most of the time, but I should make sure ALL my students know they can approach me. I have a lot to work on and I’m excited to becoming a better educator everyday.

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