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Music makes me lose control

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November 2012
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mulan               Bomp Bomp Bomp Boom Tic Tic…Okay, I’m not going crazy, but just following the beat ya know? Music is an amazing tool that really can change the entire environment of a classroom. It’s my goal to always create a smooth transition from home to the classroom and I always felt as though music is a great way to ease that transition.

I often find that students just dread the sound of the bell and the pace of their walk and processing skills just wanes as every second passes in the day. How do you stir up your class at 7 am? I go as far as playing Disney music at random points in the class. If the heat is blasting in class and I see a couple kids dozing off, the music comes on. I usually get a couple laughs and just random responses, but it’s something different. Music really allows the student to get away from the monotonous routine of school.  It’s something they associate with at home, when they’re out, or relaxing.  The white/blackboard, school bells, pencils, paper, giant bookbags and whatever else they always associate with school rarely brings a smile to their face.

This week I was going over some information about the Great Wall and why it was created. We talked about the Huns and some kids were thinking and of course I went to my laptop and went on YouTube. I found the clip of “Make a man out of you” from Mulan and went nuts. The kids said it was stuck in their head all day, but hey, they’ll remember why the Wall was built right?

**Warning – playing old school music will not trigger many positive responses… 🙂

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