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November 2012
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      Maybe it’s that time of the month or the kid isn’t a morning person, who knows? Students always bring you something new everyday. I had a student yesterday run into class before the bell even rang and ask to go to the bathroom. I didn’t think anything of it and let her go, but as time went on into the period, she never came back. Two vice principals went on the search for her and finally located her, b/c she just didn’t feel like being in class that day.

Just like most students at whatever age, there are good days and bad days, and on occasion major meltdown days. Whatever the circumstance or whatever emotions they want to throw at you that day, teachers always have to be on their toes and adapt. I ran into that same student after school and asked if she was okay. It was the usual anger at the administration and the typical “omg, what’s the big deal, I hate this school!” but at least I asked. It’s the 5 seconds we take out of our day to show we care that may make a difference that day.

So how do we deal with all the changes in mood, drama fo’ yo’ mama, and whatnot? It’s this ugly roller coaster ride that we choose to sit on filled with anxiety, screams, shrills, fears, and joy. Hold on tight, the holiday season is among us and winter break is near. Attention spans will be low and complacency will be at its peak. Time to fine tune those lessons and really push through any form of post Thanksgiving tryptophan laziness and get those kids motivated!

Take it easy

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